Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's Heartfelt Wednesday!

Good morning everyone!

Well you guys are in for a treat again this week!  Wow what a talented bunch of designers that Heartfelt has put together!  Every week there is amazing samples, each week is more exquisite then the previous!  It is such an honour to be on the same team as these ladies! 

Well this week for my sample project I decided to create a mini album.  Actually the album itself was created by following a U-Stream video tutorial by our very own Lisa Gregory she did this paper bag mini album class as a special treat to all the swirly savages over at Swirlydoos for National Scrapbooking Day... I was going to link the tutorial but... due to some technical difficulties (snicker) the u-stream class was not recorded but as soon as Lisa records a second version of this class I'll update my post.  I've decided to show the entire mini album throughout the week as to do the whole thing in on shot would be a lot.  So here is the front page of my mini... as always the directions to my project can be found on the Heartfelt Creations Blog.

Here it is from the side!  The texture in this image is amazing!  I truly love the way this turned out!  I actually used only 4 ink pads to color this image.  I really wanted to show that every scrapbooker regardless of coloring skills can do so much with these stamps.  Your basic supplies and a few of these stamps are really all you need to create a one of a kind special project that you will treasure forever!

Just to give you an idea of how I layer these flowers... here are some close ups of the rose... by the way... see how this shimmers... it is all the cardstock... I didn't add glitter to this at all.

The first layer uses the whole flower, only the outer edges are shaped I layered over top of the rest of the flowers...

The second layer is the entire middle minus the edges which where previously shaped so cut those out, this time shape only the petal at the very top of the flower and layer...

The third layer was the center of the bud so this time cut everything way but the cut it all the way down to the base of the flower, this helps shape the 4th layer

Fourth layer; gently curve the paper with your fingers till you are satisfied with the shape.

Fifth layer finishes of the piece. 

Well I hope you will try this on your flowers... Please don't hesitate to ask me questions is there is ever anything that I have created that you are curious about.  I don't know much... but what I do know... I will gladly share with anyone.

Well thank you for stopping by my blog and don't forget to go visit the rest of the designers.  Please come back tomorrow to see some more from this paper bag mini.


  1. Goodness Gracious Joelle!!! This is so beautiful!!! Now I am inspired to finish my Paper Bag Album!! And thank you so much for the shout out!! I think that this coming Saturday, I will be doing a repeat Ustream, and this time will remember to press RECORD!! Thank you for the shout out sweetie!! I absolutely love how yours is coming out!! I look forward to seeing more pages and pocket jewels that you are creating to slide into!! Fantastic work on that cover!! You bought that stamp to life!!

  2. absolutely beautiful!!!!! Love what you did with this stamp!

  3. This is truly amazing, Joelle! I love all the dimension you added to the stamp! Can't wait to see more of your album!

  4. Stunning! Love your color choices!

  5. Just fabulous Joelle!!! I so have to try one of these!

  6. Wow Joelle, this is truly stunning! I love all the dimension - I'm going to have to try this too! You are such an inspiration!

  7. This is just beautiful! And your instructions are great.

  8. How pretty, wonderful dimension and shimmer!

  9. Those roses are amazing. Goregeous card.....

  10. Flawless, seamless, so real looking