Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Hearftfelt Wednesday!!

Hey there first of all I am so excited to say that I will be staying on for another term with Hearftfelt creations what an amazing team we had for the last 6 months and I'm so looking forward to the next team it isn't even funny!  How can anyone go wrong working with such amazingly talented ladies such as  Lisa Allen, Candy Slabaugh, Emilia van den Heuvel , Amarilys Doria, Caroline Duncan, Lisa Blastick, Michelle Bala, Carol Hurlock, Cibele Glazer, Lisa Novogrodski, Andrea Ewen, and Linda Abadie.

It is always sad to say goodbye to anyone but I will definatly miss working alongside these FABULOUS ladies! Today we are wishing a fond farewell to 13 of the current design team members: Kristina King, Carla Suto, Lisa Somerville, Tesa Broman, Lisa Gregory, Sue Walsh, Olga Jewell, Jan Hennings, Cheryl Walker, Marsha Sanderlin, Olena Levchenko, Giovana Smith, and Loretta Lock.

I can't wait to see what you guys will do next!  These last few months have been amazing thank you all so much for sharing all your talent with us!

To my followers sorry I've been absent from here for a little bit!  Things are settling own... Life is getting back to normal and my mojo is flowing again!  and I am so pleased to share this card that I created this week.  You can find the details and how to recreate this card on the Heartfelt Creations blog this week!  Make sure you check out all the amazing projects.  They are always so inspiring!  Well this is mine! 

Sorry for the short blog post but since I just finished my first block of night shifts and my brain hasn't decided to work yet it is all I can think of to write right now... I may add to this after a few cups of JAVA!!  Speaking of which!  Have a great week!! and take care!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's Wednesday again!

Welcome to another Happy Heartfelt Wednesday!  I'm so happy to be sharing this super cute and super fun layout with all of you today!  I fell in love with the sketch over at Sketchabilies... as soon as I saw it I just new that it would work perfectly with these new christmas stamps that I am COMPLETELY in love with!  They are just way to much fun to play with and color! 

Of course you can find all the details on how to recreate this page for yourself and of course this includes the copic markers that I played with... Here I am getting ahead of myself again!  Here is the page!

I love these old photos of my baby... she looked so sweet... of course she is still so sweet but I miss having a little one that is completely dependant on you... It seams to me the years just fly by way to quickly!  How I would live to slow down time. 

I think that for me the key to being able to combine all these stamps is simply to use the exact same markers on all the different elements that way is all sort of feeds off of each other as opposed to competing for attention!  I really love the way this all came together...

Here are the individual images

Well I hope that you enjoyed seeing my project this week and don't forget to see what the rest of the designers came up with!  You are definately in for a treat!  Don't forget next week we will me unveiling the next collection of MUST HAVE stamps!  I hope you will stop by and check them out! 

Thank you for stoping by my blog just remember we are half way through this week!  I personally can't wait to get through this week!

Chow for Now!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

LMCB #58 - Recipe Time with a Twist

Well it's a brand new week and I'm so excited to share with you a brand new projects this week and I really hope that you will join me and playing along with this amazing recipe that Kare has cooked up for us! 

This week we're challenging you with a recipe:
  • (1) photo - Mine is is my daughter learning to skate 
  • (2) embellishments of choice - I've gone for flowers (of course) and lace
  • (3) colors of choice - I've followed the swirlyhues pallet and sketch for this one... going for a Yellow, Blue and Brown scheme.
And if that was not enough as a twist we'd like to see SONG LYRICS of YOUR choice, somewhere on your layout!!!  Mine was easy as soon as I picked out the picture that I was going to play with I couldn't help signing Everyone needs a Hand to Hold on To by John Mellancamp!  I just adore that song!

Here is how this page came together...

Check out the Introduction to Swirlyhues on the Swirlydoo blog for details on how you can join in to the fun too!  I tried my best to follow the story board...

Did you know that Yellow and Blue make Green!  I know that in kindergarden but when I started playing around with this page I somehow forgot this very important peice of information and that is how I wound up with the green in the edges of the paper... somehow the more blue I tried to add to the corners the more dark the GREEN became!  Oh well you can't win them all!  Here is a pic of the flower cluster.  I started with a vine and added a few roses to fill it in... as always I have a have a hard time stoping once I've started... LOL

Well that is it for me!  Thanks for stoping by and I hope you have as much fun with the recipe as I had!  I look forward to seeing what you come up with!  Thanks for looking and I hope you have a great week!!

Chow for now!!