Sunday, October 2, 2011

LMCB #58 - Recipe Time with a Twist

Well it's a brand new week and I'm so excited to share with you a brand new projects this week and I really hope that you will join me and playing along with this amazing recipe that Kare has cooked up for us! 

This week we're challenging you with a recipe:
  • (1) photo - Mine is is my daughter learning to skate 
  • (2) embellishments of choice - I've gone for flowers (of course) and lace
  • (3) colors of choice - I've followed the swirlyhues pallet and sketch for this one... going for a Yellow, Blue and Brown scheme.
And if that was not enough as a twist we'd like to see SONG LYRICS of YOUR choice, somewhere on your layout!!!  Mine was easy as soon as I picked out the picture that I was going to play with I couldn't help signing Everyone needs a Hand to Hold on To by John Mellancamp!  I just adore that song!

Here is how this page came together...

Check out the Introduction to Swirlyhues on the Swirlydoo blog for details on how you can join in to the fun too!  I tried my best to follow the story board...

Did you know that Yellow and Blue make Green!  I know that in kindergarden but when I started playing around with this page I somehow forgot this very important peice of information and that is how I wound up with the green in the edges of the paper... somehow the more blue I tried to add to the corners the more dark the GREEN became!  Oh well you can't win them all!  Here is a pic of the flower cluster.  I started with a vine and added a few roses to fill it in... as always I have a have a hard time stoping once I've started... LOL

Well that is it for me!  Thanks for stoping by and I hope you have as much fun with the recipe as I had!  I look forward to seeing what you come up with!  Thanks for looking and I hope you have a great week!!

Chow for now!!


  1. Omg! Can I say this is absolutely gorgeous! I just love love love the flower spray! This is awesome, I'm speechless!
    xoxo Charity LMDT

  2. Gorgeous. Love the colors, the lace and the flowers. Just stunning.


  3. Joelle!! I haven't had time to visit everyone's blogs... nor I haven't even finished my own layout... but JUST had to leave you a quick comment on how much I ADORE this layout!! You outdid yourself this week! Love it.

  4. Love it! Yellow & Blue make an amazing layout!

  5. Omg, LOVE this too!! You gals are rockin' this week's challenge! I have yet to get mine done. Those flowers are beautiful and you're right, those lyrics are perfect!