Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Floral Cross Release

It's time to debut another exciting collection at Heartfelt Creations and once again we are so pleased to showcase a wide variety of samples to inspire your own creativity!  I always like to find new and creative ways to use these stamps but before I show you...

Heartfelt Creations is pleased to release the Floral Cross Collection. This collection is as fresh as a blooming yellow lily on a sunny spring day: intricate flowers compliment the typographical, linear, and wooden crosses. There are 6 new PreCut Stamp Sets and one beautiful new exclusive Spellbinders die designed for Heartfelt Creations.
Leave a comment on the HC blog by February 14 to be eligible to win the entire release valued at $125.93. The winner will be announced on February 15 on the HC Blog.

OK so this wekk I decided to create a canvas... but I had such a hard time with this one.  I find it so frustrating when I have a specific idea and it just doesn't go as planned.  Before I explain what I mean here is my finished project.

I decided that I wanted the flowers stamped all around my canvas, easy right... so after I primed the whole thing with Gesso I stamped the first flower on the corner and I couldn't get a  good image!  Then tried again to realign the stamp!  Urggg... What I mess.  So I reprimed... Do you knw how many coats to cover Archival Ink once it has been stamped!  Lots (3) that how many coats!  LOL!  I finally was ready to try it again...

I figured that the reason I couldn't get a good impression was that the canvas was too loose in the middle so I inked the stamp set it on the canvas... flipped it over to rub from behind the canvas and once I was sure that I had pressed everywhere I lifted it up and I had another horrible mess... LOL!  I reprimmed my canvas and starred at it thinking that I was going to have to do something else...

I had just about given up all hope when I thought of a technique that some of the girls use to make stamped candles... stamping on tissue and embeding the image, that is how I finally got this to work and it was easy after that!  LOL!  I had planed to leave the images clear but I couldn't help myself I just had to add color to these flowers they are just too darn pretty!  Here is a close-up of the stamped flowers... can you tell it is kleenex??  I even love the added texture that it gives the canvas.

The other thing that went wrong with this one is that I had envisioned this canvas running on the opposite side.  The title and the closs where suppose to be beside each other but when I was placing them how I thought I wanted them.. It just wasn't working for me.  It took a while but I finally got something that worked, here is a closeup of the middle pannel...

I can't tell you how many times this project almost ended up being thrown across the room but in the end I do have a beautiful canvas that I'm proud of and that I love!  Thanks for stopping by this week!


  1. I think your canvas is quite beautiful!

  2. This is something I've been wanting to try. Yours is very beautiful!

  3. Beautiful artwork! Love that you created a canvas with this release!

  4. What a stunning piece of artistry with lots of awesome details.

  5. I love the textures and the colors. This is simply beautiful!