Sunday, April 17, 2011

Isn't it pretty??

I just wanted to share with you the nightmare that is Kapuskasing right now!  The weatherman confirmed 28 CM of snow as of right now with more on the way!  It is insane.  Here are a few pictures I just took now... it is completly INSANE!!

Yep that is my car under there!  I should be going to the grocery store today but I think I'll make due with what I have... LOL! As you can see the snow is over the bumper!  There was litterally no snow left before this storm hit!

And the back porch!  There is my bar-b-que in the back there! and my daughter's bike as it WAS spring!! 

Well thanks for sharing in my misery!  Going to go do some chores around the house now since I am trapped here!


  1. Well, would you just look at that! I can't believe you got that much snow this late in the season...kinda makes you wonder what June will be like!

  2. please keep it and DO NOT snd it down here........... Bless your heart, hate for ya

  3. omg!! that is alot of snow!! yikes!!!! wow!!

    it snowed off and on here yesterday as well. i am NOT liking this weird weather, it's making me worried about what's coming :(